June 25, 2021, Cincinnati Public Library Vintage Cincinnati Includes major references to Cincinnati's LGBTQ history:  Cincinnati Enquirer "Homosexuals"  August 4, 1982, and Independent Eye May 1973 covering first Pride  April 7, 1973.

You find the full 27- page article "Homosexuals" on the reference page.

The City of Cincinnati, Office of the Mayor, Proclamation for Gay - Lesbian Pride Day 1978 signed by Gerald Springer, Mayor. Event date: June 24, 1978.

To the Root(s) Summer of 1988 "A Cincinnati Homocentennial- Remembering our Roots."  This issue contains articles about "life in Cincinnati" years before a formal "organized" community.  Also,  the history of how the first parade event in 1973 is well detailed.

A full 44-page download of this collective publication is available on the references page.

Local civil rights attorney Scott E. Knox has a brush with history.  The year is 1994.  He heard the late Quentin Crisp on a radio show and was intrigued.  So he asked a friend how to contact Quentin who simply said "he's in the NYC phone book call."  Scott made a "cold call" and spoke with Quentin.

The note refers to "Tales of the City" written by Armistead Maupin.

Scott is donating the note to the  Ohio Lesbian Archives.

P&G added sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy on September 15, 1992, long before required by any federal mandate (2020, see Civil Rights Laws protest LGBT). See also P&G Statement on SCOTUS Ruling 06-18-2020.  Michael Chanak, Jr. a Cincinnati resident and employee of P&G from 1984 until his retirement in 2003 is credited for being the lead advocate for the inclusion of sexual orientation.  His work covered 5 years from 1987 to September 1992, when the goal was met.

Although the policy was on the books, it was not formally acknowledged to Michael by the corporation until August 29, 2017, along with the following video entitled "The Words Matter - One Voice Can Make a Difference" released in April 2018. The video went on to win international acclaim and covers the struggle and the times that lead to this change.

Cincinnati Enquirer September 16, 1992, announces a corporate change in policy a day later, Business Section E - 8.
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