1876-00-00 Lesbian Her - Ohio Lesbian Archives History - Phebe Beiser.pdf 

1973-05-09 Gay Pride Independent Eye for 4-7-1973.png
1974-07-10 Supreme Court of Ohio rejects non-profit registration of Cincinnati Gay Society - C. Powell Grant

1978-06-22 Pride Proclamation Gerald Springer Mayor.jpg 

1981-06-25 Cincinnati Enquirer HEB B in gay community.JPG 

1981-06-29 Cincinnati Enquirer Coverage of Gay Pride of 6-28-1981.JPG 

1982-04-04 Homosexual Cincinnati Enquirer Cover.png

1982-04-04 Homosexuals, A Cincinnati Report_27 pages_Cincinnati Enquirer.pdf 

1983-06-19 Harry Hay Speaker at Pride 6-19-1983.pdf 

1983-06-19 Rhonda Rivera — Pride Speaker.pdf

1985-06-07 Pride rally - Kirk Prine speaking, behind him Guy Gugenberger and Pat North, Dr. Mike Mavroidis.png

1985-09-24 Mayor Irked by Criticism Over _Gay-Lesbian Pride Day.pdf 

1988 Summer TO THE ROOT(S) VOL 1 1 SUMMER 1988.pdf 
1992-09-15 P&G EEO Announcement - Background 

1993-00-00 Cincy Pride Memory SkycladlilithSaintMartha.pdf 


1999-12-03 Gay Chronicle Pride returns to Cincinnati.pdf 

2000 Cincinnati Gay Pride Poster @ Copyright - Kerry Wickstrom.jpg 

2000-04-01 P&G Supports its first pride - Google Groups.pdf 

2000-04-11 DNN Dowagers New Network Cincinnati Pride returns.pdf 

2000-06-08 City Beat Community by Committee -Michael Blankership.pdf

2000-06-08 CityBeat Power of One by Michael Blankehship.pdf 

2000-06-08 CityBeat- And Good Shall Lead the Way -Pride.pdf 

2000-06-11 Rainbow Page - Rally at Burnet Woods

2000-06-11 Cincinnati Enquirer Gay rights making quiet gains.pdf 

2000-06-11 Cincy Enquirer Pride.pdf

2000-06-11 Rainbow Page Pride Photos Steve Buesher.pdf 

2002-06-13 CityBeat Pride in Stride.pdf

2002-07-00 GLBT News Stonewall story.pdf 

2003-08-2003 GLBT News Pride edition.pdf 

2004-06-00 GLBT News Pride Edition.pdf 

2004-06-11 Cincinnati Enquirer on Peaches LaVerne.jpg

2004-06-11 Ky Post - Pride Coverage Cincinnati.pdf 

2004-06-13 Gay Peoples Chronicle Pride Coverage.pdf 

2004-06-13 -Chris L Osborne Drive Peaches LaVerne with Kathy Laufman-John Maddux-Michael Chanak.jpg 

2004-12-02 OIA Newsdesk - Community Mourns Passing of Peaches LaVerne.pdf 

2005-06-12 Peaches LaVerne Honor facts Michael Chanak.docx

2005-12-23 NYT Gay Marriage Case Caps Cincinnati’s Shift From Conservative Past.pdf

2005-12-23 Gay Peoples Chronicle First Dowagers Luncheon.pdf 

2011-06-15 Ryan Goellner - The-GLBTQ-Community-in-Cincinnati-Civil-Rights-Public-Morals-and-Civic-Space-1970-2010.pdf
2013-04-04 The News Record - Univ of Cincinnati - 40 yrs later - activism of C. Powell Grant
2017-07-20 WCPO From Sideshow to art - Long History of Drag Cincinnati
2017-08-29 P&G acknowledges M Chanak role in EEO change to include SO 

2020-04-22 Cincinnati Pride rescheduled to October 3 2020.pdf 

2020-06-03-The Moments That Shaped Cincinnati’s LGBTQ History - Cincinnati Magazine.pdf
2020-06-18 P&G Statement Michael Chanak on SCOTUS Ruling to SO - Gender Identity

2020-09-01 Cincinnati Pride Parade postponed over coronavirus concerns - Cincinnati Business Courier.pdf 

2020-10-3 Cincinnati Pride statement on Cancellation of Pride 2020.pdf 

2021-02-01 - Cincinnati Pride announce in-person festival and parade were canceled due to COVID-19.pdf 

2021-06-25 Public Library Vintage Cincy.pdf
2022-05-25 Cincinnati non-discrimination laws updated - Spectrum News
2022-06-01  Cincinnati Raises more inclusive Pride Flag- Spectrum News Pub 06-03-2022
2022-06-02  Cincinnati Gears Up for Pride WVXU article  by Lucy May "Cincinnati Edition"
2022-06-02  Cincinnati Gears Up for Pride WVXU  by Lucy May  audio of Phebe Beiser and Michael Chanak of the Ohio Lesbian Archives
2022-06-27 Penn State McCourtney Insitute for Democracy - Podcast by Jenny Spinelle on Issue 3 Cincinnati 1993 featuring Michael Chanak and Scott Knox
2022-06-27 Transcript of  When the People Decide - Episode 3 Equal  Rights not Special Rights - Penn State  by Jenna Spinelle
2022-10-14 P&G LGBTQ History is Our History
2022-10-22 P&G - OLA Preserving our History
2023-05-26 Pride Month and beyond - local/regional events the Cincinnati Enquirer
2023-06-04 Cincinnati Enquirer - First Pride shunned by Media p-A03aa

2023-06-06 Celebrate Pride Month & 50 year Anniversary of Cincinnati Pride with new digital collection
2023-06-23 CityBeat new Artworks mural
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